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By Kenn Rashad, TSPNSports

The MEAC once again topped the SWAC in revenue for the 2012-13 fiscal year.According to 990 forms filed with the IRS, the MEAC reported $7,722,159 in total revenue, up from $6,641,773 the previous year.newMEAClogo

The SWAC reported $6,186,393 in total revenue, a slight improvement from the $6,045,980 in total revenue filed for the 2011-12 fiscal year.

Expenses, however, provide a different perspective with the SWAC spending $6,444,554, which was more than the conference earned in revenues. In contrast, the MEAC spent $7,276,914 during the fiscal year resulting in a net revenue total of $445,245.

The MEAC reported receiving $455,000 in membership dues, compared to $350,000 in dues received by the SWAC.

SWAC commissioner Duer Sharp was paid a base salary of $240,000, while Dennis Thomas, commissioner of the MEAC, earned a base salary of $206,000.


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