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VIDEO: HBCU Review - Week 13
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rofootballVideo highlights of games from week 13 of the HBCU Football Season - November 22, 2014
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Hal Lamar's Blog: Hiring signs out at five HBCUs
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Inside Hotlanta and the SIAC

Hal LamarBy Hal Lamar
Photos b
y Patsy Collier-Lamar

Hiring signs out at five HBCUs

Any of you coaches out there looking for a spot(or looking for a better hustle than the one you got ?). Dust off your resumes (if you have to) , get a book of stamps or sit down before a good computer free of most viruses and snail mail or e-mail them to at least five schools who have indicated they’ve either booted their current coach or had same to retire (as in Norfolk State’s Pete Adrian).

lanefb hc malik hoskinsHoskinsAccording to this site and other sources and resources reaching ole INSIDE, two vacancies have popped up on my SIAC beat. James Woody is gone from Benedict after three seasons full time and a half season as interim. In an earlier column, we mentioned Lane’s interim head coach Malk Hoskins resigned (the school is also looking for an AD as well.

Although I’m not certain they are looking, Clark-AU’s Athletic director’s office is vacant. )

Reggie Barlow of Alabama State is gone after eight seasons. Adrian has decided to retire after 10 seasons as the Spartan pilot. Prairie View ‘s head coach Heishma Northern didn’t get his contract renewed (in other words, he was fired). He had been with the program four years. All the schools have issued the same tired line about the national search underway.

            I am sure by now, the colleges have been overrun with resumes. I’ve done some thinking about possibilities myself. Here are my thoughts on possible replacements:

*Anthony Jones-former head coach at Alabama A&M, now at UAPB

*Henry Frazier- Where is he? Good question. He did build a winning program while at Prairie View, after several of us scribes thought him a big fool for going to a pitiful program (at the time) and leaving a promising program he assembled at Bowie State. His last watch was at North Carolina Central.Henry FrazierFrazier

*Keith Higdon- He’s now at Tuskegee. The problem, as I mentioned in another column is wrestling him away from “Skegee…

*Natrone Means- The former NFL great is currently an assistant at Winston Salem…..Natrone MeansMeans

*Greg Thompson- former head coach and AD at Morris Brown and Stillman head coach who was booted after leaving the school a winning record and sending several players to the NFL. He’s presently living in his home town of Atlanta

*Ronnie Millen- former head coach at Atlanta’s Grady High School. Several athletes under the former Clark-AU player are tearing up the major college ranks, including University of Georgia senior cornerback Damian Swann

*Shepherd Skanes- the former head coach and Athletic Director at Concordia-Selma Alabama is now assistant coach at Morehouse College

*Lee Calland- a member of the first team of Atlanta Falcons from 1966, he has since worked as defensive coordinator at Fort Valley, assistant coach at Morris Brown and more recently was hired as assistant coach at Benedict before budget constraints blocked the hire.

NOW WITH THE SIAC: Home field advantage failed to hold same for the Golden Tigers of Tuskegee University as they succumbed to visiting West Georgia 20-17 November 22 in the first round of the NCAA Division II playoffs. Ironically, Tuskegee’s first trip to the playoffs in school history last year ended up with the Golden Tigers losing a tough battle with the University of North Atlanta 30-27 on the road.

            Tuskegee found themselves trailing 13-0 at halftime but came out the locker room in the third period and scored on a two yard run by Michael Thor, who scored again late in the fourth quarter to bring the Golden Tigers to within three points of the West Georgia lead.

            Then, with 57 seconds to go, Tuskegee got their hands on the oval once at their own one yard line. But a stiff West Georgia defense didn’t permit the Tigers to advance any further than their own 36. On a 4th down and 18, quarterback Kevin Lacey was sacked for a loss of six yards, which effectively ended the contest.

            Both Tuskegee quarterbacks Lacey and Senior man Justin Nared saw action with the latter the most productive, throwing for 111 yards . But collectively they were sacked five times. Tuskegee committed two turnovers in the game, one of them converted by West Georgia for a score. In the fourth period, a fumble by West Georgia allowed Tuskegee to score and pull to within three points of the Wolves lead.

            West Georgia , winning their first ever Division II playoff game after four previous tries, journeys to Cleveland, Mississippi Saturday for a second round date with Delta State, a team they defeated during the regular season.

            In the only other SIAC action last weekend, Stillman College fought to within three points of the Alabama State lead but lost to the Hornets 30-27 in the 91st Turkey Day classic in Montgomery.


Eastern Division
1-Albany State -7-3
3-Ft Valley-6-4

West Division
1-Tuskegee-9-3 (SIAC champ)
4-Central State-4-6
5-Kentucky State-3-7
6-Lane – 1-8

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Lut Williams' Black College Sports Blog: THE WACKY ME-AC II
Sat Nov 22, 2014 - 11:21pm    Print
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BCSB header

Here‘s why Morgan State won the MEAC‘s automatic berth to the FCS playoffs

by Lut Williams

There were only two out of a possible nine scenarios that had to come to fruition for Morgan State, one of four second-place teams with 5-2 conference records heading into Saturday‘s games, to come Saturday with a share of the Mid Eastern Athletic Conference title and the league‘s automatic bid to the FCS playoffs.

One of them happened.Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Football

The Bears and new coach Lee Hull had to either finish in a five-way tie with front-runner North Carolina A&T and three other teams at 6-2, or they had to finish in one of three four-way ties for the conference crown at 6-2 with A&T, North Carolina Central and South Carolina State.

First, the Bears had to win their 1 p.m. game at home vs. Delaware State.  That suspense was over early as MSU led 34-7 at halftime en route to a 69-7 rout of the Hornets. The Bears had their 6-2.

Secondly, the Bears needed South Carolina State to win its 1:30 p.m. home game vs. Norfolk State.

SCSU got out to 23-10 halftime lead and appeared ready to pull away to an easy win. But NSU clawed back to within 23-17 in the third quarter before the Bulldogs settled for a 30-20 win, accomplishing Mission Two for the Bears as SC State was now finished at 6-2.

Third, and most importantly, Morgan State needed North Carolina Central to knock off first-place North Carolina A&T, who was 6-1 and played at 2 p.m. on the 5-2 Eagles‘ home field in Durham, N.C. At about 4:45 p.m., A&T was stopped on fourth down in the game‘s final minute trailing 21-14 allowing that apple to also fall Morgan‘s way. Both A&T and NC Central were now at 6-2.

Well, just after halftime of the A&T game, NCCU Sports Information Director Kyle Serba had told me that there was no way Central could win the automatic bid if Morgan State won its game. Around that time, Morgan was up 51-7, and that decision was a fait accompli.

Then, looking over the nine possible scenarios sent out from the MEAC office governing tie-breaking scenarios for the automatic bid, it hit me! The Bears were in with the automatic bid whether Bethune-Cookman, who I saw at the time was tied with Florida A&M at 10 with three minutes left in the game, won or lost. The Bears would share the MEAC title with four others if B-CU won, and with three others if B-CU lost, but would get the automatic bid in either case.

As it turned out, there is a five-way tie as MSU shares the MEAC title with NC A&T, NC Central, B-CU and SC State, all at 6-2. And Morgan gets the automatic bid.

Here‘s why.

The Bears have the best head-to-head record vs. the tied teams. In other words, head-to-head in this case means head-to-head against the other four teams.

Morgan State‘s record vs. the four tied teams is 2-1 (Beat SC State and NC Central, lost to A&T, did not play B-CU). By the way, MSU beat both SC State and NC Central with TDs in the final minute of the game.

NC Central‘s record vs. the four tied teams is 2-2 (Beat SC State and A&T, lost to Morgan State and B-CU).

SC State‘s record vs. the four tied teams is 2-2 (beat A&T and B-CU, lost to Morgan State and NC Central).

Bethune-Cookman‘s record vs. the four tied teams is 1-1 (Beat NC Central and lost to SC State, did not play A&T nor Morgan State).

A&T‘s record vs. the four tied teams is 1-2 (Beat Morgan State, lost to SC State and NC Central, did not play B-CU).

As it turns out, not playing every team in the league and who you play or dont play, can hurt or help you.

From the list of nine tiebreakers for the league‘s automatic bid released from the MEAC office Friday, the one below in bold, the last one on the list, No. 9, is the one that prevailed:

MEAC Tiebreaker:
1. If NCAT wins: (AQ: NCAT)
2. If NCCU wins, NCAT loses, BCU loses, SCSU loses and MSU loses: (AQ: NCCU)
3. If NCCU wins, NCAT loses, BCU loses, MSU wins, SCSU loses (AQ: NCAT)
4. If NCCU wins, NCAT loses, BCU loses, MSU loses, and SCSU wins (AQ: NCCU)
5. If NCCU wins, NCAT loses, BCU wins, SCSU loses and MSU loses (AQ: BCU)
6. If NCCU wins, NCAT loses, BCU loses, MSU wins, and SCSU wins (AQ: MSU)
7. If NCCU wins, NCAT loses, BCU wins, MSU loses and SCSU wins (AQ: NCCU)
8. If NCCU wins, NCAT loses, BCU wins, MSU wins and SCSU loses (AQ: BCU)
9. If NCCU wins, NCAT loses, BCU wins, MSU wins, and SCSU wins: (AQ: MSU)
AQ - Automatic Qualifyer

Congratulations to Lee Hull and the Morgan State Bears. And you may now turn in your MEAC Coach of the Year ballots!

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Lut Williams' Black College Sports Blog: THE WACKY ME-AC
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BCSB header

Good luck figuring out the MEAC where as many as five football teams are vying this weekend for the title

by Lut Williams

Have you seen all the scenarios for who wins the 2014 Mid Eastern Athletic Conference championship and automatic berth to the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) playoffs based on the results from this, the final weekend of the regular season?

I‘m not sure who the guru is in the MEAC office who figured out the nine possible scenarios – and yes, I did say nine – but it‘s not a job I would want. I have a hard time figuring out things when it‘s just two or three teams involved. This time it‘s five!MEAC Football

In simple terms, if North Carolina A&T, the current first-place team at 6-1 in the MEAC, wins its 2 p.m. game Saturday at traditional long-time, I-40 rival North Carolina Central – one of four teams tied for second with 5-2 marks – the Aggies win the title outright and get the league‘s automatic playoff berth.

That part, and the fact that the Aggie and Eagle fans will pack the joint (O‘Kelly-Riddick Stadium) Saturday to find out, is easy.

If North Carolina Central wins however, oh my goodness, look out! That‘s when the other eight scenarios come into play based on how the other three second-place teams do on Saturday. Those teams include: 1) Morgan State, who closes the season in a 1 p.m. game at home vs. Delaware State; 2) South Carolina State, who also plays at home at 1 p.m. vs. Norfolk State; and 3) Bethune-Cookman, who closes out its season in Orlando, Florida vs. Florida A&M in the Florida Classic at 2 p.m.

If all five teams finish at 6-2, they all will share the MEAC title. The tie-breakers outlined below will determine who gets the automatic FCS playoff bid.

Here are the tie-breaking conclusions based on Saturday‘s outcomes:
MEAC Tiebreaker:
1. If NCAT wins: (AQ: NCAT)
2. If NCCU wins, NCAT loses, BCU loses, SCSU loses and MSU loses: (AQ: NCCU)
3. If NCCU wins, NCAT loses, BCU loses, MSU wins, SCSU loses (AQ: NCAT)
4. If NCCU wins, NCAT loses, BCU loses, MSU loses, and SCSU wins (AQ: NCCU)
5. If NCCU wins, NCAT loses, BCU wins, SCSU loses and MSU loses (AQ: BCU)
6. If NCCU wins, NCAT loses, BCU loses, MSU wins, and SCSU wins (AQ: MSU)
7. If NCCU wins, NCAT loses, BCU wins, MSU loses and SCSU wins (AQ: NCCU)
8. If NCCU wins, NCAT loses, BCU wins, MSU wins and SCSU loses (AQ: BCU)
9. If NCCU wins, NCAT loses, BCU wins, MSU wins, and SCSU wins: (AQ: MSU)

What you have above is a simple breakdown. The official dizzying version from the MEAC office – the how tos, why comes, ifs, ands and buts – includes nearly 20 paragraphs and about 600 words. After head-to-head competition, part of it is a nondescript “points system based on the tied teams‘ non-conference record.“ Really? How‘s that work? Read it for yourself and see if you‘ve got it down.

Basically, other than the first option outlined earlier – A&T winning outright – there is one two-way tie possibility, three (3) three-way tie possibilities, three (3) four-way tie possibilities and one (1) five-way tie possibility.

As you can see from above, A&T gets the automatic bid in only two instances – 1) if it wins Saturday or, 2) it loses, Bethune and SC State lose and Morgan State wins. Keep that in mind if you can, Aggie fans.

B-CU lands the bid in two circumstances, as does Morgan State. NC Central prevails in three different ways.

SC State, the leader in the clubhouse before last week‘s results and with wins over both A&T and Bethune, doesn‘t get the automatic bid in any scenario. Go figure!

So, seeing as how the A&T and Bethune games start at 2, we should be figuring out the possible implications of the outcomes of the other two games before those games are over.

It should make for an interesting Saturday.

And, oh yeah, I‘d hold off on those coach of the year ballots until all the results are in.

And, after all that, who gets an at-large bid to the playoffs? Figure that one out.


While it‘s fingernail-biting time on the gridiron, it‘s handwringting time on the hardwood.

Get a gander at some of the opening results for the Div. I HBCU basketball programs:

Clemson 86, Florida A&M 41
NC State 93, Jackson State 58
Miami 84, Howard 49
George Washington 92, Grambling State 40
Indiana 116, Mississippi Valley State 65
Iowa 90, Hampton 56
Hawaii 85, Arkansas-Pine Bluff 57
Oregon 107, Coppin State 65
California 91, Alcorn State 57

Ouch!!! Those were the blowouts. ‘A bad start,‘ for these guys would be an understatement. Expect more of the same.

These were the encouraging losses from the same night.
Eastern Washington 86, Texas Southern 62
Penn State 61, Morgan State 48
UNC 76, NC Central 60
Dayton 76, Alabama A&M 52
Washington 77, South Carolina State 59
TCU 71, Prairie View A&M 54
Eastern Kentucky 76, Savannah State 53
Louisiana Tech 85, Southern 76
Virginia Tech 71, Maryland-Eastern Shore 46

OK. Take from those scores that Morgan State, NC Central, SC State and Savannah State will be in the top half of the MEAC race. Ditto for Texas Southern, Southern, Alabama A&M and Prairie View in the SWAC.

And the wins:
N. C. A&T 91, (Div. III) Greensboro College 61
Alabama State 105, (NAIA) Auburn-Montgomery 64
Norfolk State 81, (Div. II) Pfeiffer 43

The jury‘s still out on them.

The biggest win so far was Delaware State‘s 77-75 overtime victory at Penn (remember NC Central over NC State a year ago) on Nov. 15. Go ahead and pencil in DelState as MEAC champ!

There have been a few more close calls, a couple of wins and plenty more blowouts.

This, “until the rise of morn“ (a Koranic verse), i.e. until the conference seasons start.

Are we headed for a subdivision in Div. I basketball (Basketball Championship Subdivision, BCS). Don‘t be surprised.

© AZEEZ Communications

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VIDEO: HBCU Review - Week 12
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rofootballVideo highlights of games from week 12 of the HBCU Football Season - November 15, 2014
Brought to you by HBCU Live

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